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  • Highest quality pre-softened paste wax
  • Produces extreme depth and a wet gloss appearance
  • Can be layered for extreme durability and appearance enhancement
  • Contains zero abrasives or cleaning properties
  • Works on paintwork, glass, polished metal and clear plastics
  • Protects against oxidation, water spots, staining, industrial fallout and more
  • Cream consistency is useful when dealing with “soft” paints
  • Creates a smooth, even, deep and reflective gloss
  • Water easily beads and sheets off of surface


Greenway’s Ace Wax is an extremely high quality, pre-softened white paste wax that is designed for easy application. Ace applies very evenly, smoothly and wipes off extremely easily. Ace carnauba paste wax produces an extreme amount of depth and a wet gloss appearance to any painted surface. Ace wax is a cream type of consistency which contains zero abrasives or cleaning properties and provides a durable layer of protection against the environmental elements.

Ace paste wax is our top of the line wax that Greenway’s Car Care Products has to offer. The highest quality of ingredients is used to create a wax that takes your vehicles paintwork to a whole new level. Paint will look smooth, even, glossy, water will bead and sheet off the surface to help prevent water spots. Ace can be topped with additional coats to provide a stronger paintwork barrier. Ace works on paintwork, glass, polishes metal components and clear plastics. Ace will significantly enhance any color paint finish and help protect your vehicles finish from oxidation, water spots. staining, industrial fallout and more.

Many competitor’s waxes are extremely difficult to apply, cake up on the vehicle surface and requires tons of elbow grease for both the application and removal. Ace paste wax is guaranteed to be one of the easiest, highest quality waxes available. Using inferior, cheap waxes that are difficult to apply and remove can cause marring or swirl marks on the paintwork. Since Ace paste was applies and removes with almost no pressure needed, we recommend using Ace paste wax and any of our high-quality microfiber towels on the most sensitive painted surfaces. While Ace is excellent to use on any make of vehicle, it is especially useful when dealing with “soft” clear coats. Once your try Greenway’s Ace paste wax, you will be “blown away” on the appearance and protection it will create.

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