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  • Permanently removes odors that are caused by smoke, mildew, food and more
  • Does not mask the odor but removes it upon contact
  • Deodorizes the ventilation system with a pleasant odor eliminating fragrance
  • Typically one application is all that is needed for permanent odor removal
  • Will not harm any interior components


Aura is a permanent way to eliminate odors that are caused by smoke, mildew, food and more. Aura doesn’t mask or cover up odors, but actually eliminates all the existing odors within the vehicle. Aura effectively deodorizes the ventilation system and has a pleasant fragrance.

It is vital that the source of the odor is located and then cleaned thoroughly. We always suggest to do a full interior cleaning first in order to remove any odors that might be found within the headliner, upholstery and carpeting. After a full interior cleaning is conducted, you now can proceed to using Aura to eliminate any remaining odor. Simply turn on the vehicle and run the air conditioning on high with the fresh air/ recirculate mode on. Spray Aura liberally within the interior of the vehicle and close all the doors and windows (make sure to not lock the keys within the vehicle). You can also spray Aura within the exterior cowl vent (air intake vent) which is typically located below the windshield.

Once this application is complete in approximately 20 minutes, simply enter the vehicle to see if you can smell Aura being pulled throughout the air ducts. If you do, this step is now complete. Now simply turn the air conditioning off and turn on the heat to high with the fan setting remaining on high as well. Repeat the process of spraying the intake with Aura. Enter the vehicle again to make sure you can still smell the Aura being pulled throughout the ducts. After this step is complete you have completed the odor eliminating process.

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5 Stars
Smells Amazing

This Spray smells Amazing!!! It truly works as well!! It also doesn't require much product at all for great results! I have not found another product like it!