Our review of the Vortex Drying Tool

by Richard Weichand

Why the Vortex Drying Tool is a must have in your arsenal of detailing tools.

Throughout the last 15 years of my detailing career, I have seen a lot of new tools being introduced to help assist the professional detailer. Some of the tools worked while others were a waste of money. When we observed the Vortex Drying Tool it really did not intrigue us at first. We thought "It looks like a fancy blow gun that is overpriced", but after using the Vortex Drying Tool we were very wrong.

We let the air compressor fill, set the PSI around 90 and attached the Vortex Drying Tool to the air hose. I gave the trigger a pull and observed the small plastic weighted tube inside the Vortex cone move rapidly in a vortex motion. I put my hand over the outer cone and felt powerful, but yet the wide gentle mass of air surround my hand.

Door Panel Test

I decided to clean a dirty door panel that had numerous buttons, crevices, and pockets throughout the door panel. Greenway's Kleen It All was sprayed onto the interior door panel and allowed to "set-up" for approximately 30 seconds. I then began to wipe off the Kleen It All with an interior towel while simultaneously using the Vortex Drying Tool. We immediately noticed that the air pattern created by the Vortex Weighted Tube had excellent coverage, but was gentle enough not to blow off any switches since it did not create a pinpoint type of air flow. The cone design appeared to be the perfect shape and length to reach down into the door pocket to loosen any remaining debris located on the inside edges.

Excellent Features

The Vortex Drying Tool feels extremely comfortable in your hand. Since the tool is super lightweight, you can quickly and easily blow around cup holders, vents, dashboards, underneath seats and virtually any other hard to reach area without wrist fatigue.

We observed that the Vortex Drying Tool saves a significant amount of time compared to using a standard blow gun and reduces the chance of ruining any fine interior components. The air pattern created is still strong enough to remove debris that gets into the pleats of leather seats and helps sand particles be brought to the surface in most carpets.

What We Would Like To See Improved

We feel that the Vortex Tool Cone design can be improved. While the cone is made out of a rigid hard plastic, this hard plastic can crack if dropped hard enough on the ground. We never plan on dropping anything, but we all can recall a broken spray trigger head or two during a detail when we accidentally dropped the spray solution. We figured out that by removing the cone and spraying it with an industrial bed liner coating, this will help the cone from cracking if you accidentally drop it. This coating can also help aid in providing a protective barrier inside the cone, from the aggressive whipping of the inner cone caused by the weighted tube design. Luckily the cone is replaceable if yours is damaged during the detail process.


The Vortex Drying Tool will save you time, makes interior detailing safer and is the perfect size that will virtually be helpful in detailing any make or model vehicle. While the cone design is slightly flawed, it can be easily made stronger to help withstand any cracking during an accidental dropping of the tool. The Vortex Drying Tool is much lighter, quicker to maneuver and will fit in tighter areas when comparing this tool to interior cleaning tools that have the capacity tank attached. I wish this tool was around when I started to detail as I can clearly see that It would have made my detailing business more profitable.