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  • Nano Technology and micro abrasives to remove light to moderate imperfections
  • Will achieve excellent surface quality and an unbelievable gloss without any haze remaining
  • Perfect for those hard to correct soft clear coat finishes, ceramic and conventional clear coats that mar easily
  • Surface will become extremely slick, swirl free, hologram free with minimal buffing time
  • 100 percent body shop safe! Critical Correction contains no silicone, fill-in glazes, waxes or sealants
  • Product creates ZERO DUST, leaves a mirror shine and has an extremely long working time


Critical Compound is our newest and most advanced compound that offers superior, defect-free results for any application. This product is 100 percent dust free and utilizes Nano technology and micro abrasives to remove moderate to severe imperfections while achieving excellent surface quality and shine. Critical Correction is body shop safe, contains no silicone, fill-in glaze or wax. It can be used safely on fresh paint; soft clear coat finishes, ceramic and conventional clear coats.

Critical Correction will leave the surface slick, swirl free, hologram free and create gloss that is nothing short of unbelievable. Critical Correction "cuts" extremely fast, creates zero dust, leaves a mirror shine and will not create any holograms on the softest of paints.

Easily remove 1000 to 1500 grit sanding marks, holograms, haze, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks and other paint defects.

Critical Correction has an extremely long working time, remains creamy throughout the entire buffing application and easily removes many surfaces defects quickly. Critical Correction is geared to be used with a polisher in order to maximize the products true potential.

Many professional detailers have a very difficult and time-consuming process in order to correct certain clear coat finishes on many makes of vehicles. We find ourselves switching pads, trying numerous brands of compounds, polishes and adjusting the buffer speed in order to create a swirl-free finish. Certain vehicles simply need the latest technology of compound and polish in order to take this time-consuming process and make it easy. Critical Correction simply fills the void in the market of compounds where results were difficult to achieve on many “soft” and “hard” clear coats.

If you are installer of the ceramic coatings, you know how important it is to remove as many of the defects as possible. Having defects left behind before the application of the ceramic coating, will result in undesirable results and unsatisfied customers. We guarantee Critical Correction is unlike anything on the market and simply produces a flawless finish in the shortest amount of time!

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5 Stars
Critical Compound

I'm still working with this polish, but it's pretty amazing. It cuts the finish very fast and finishes down to a finish polish. So far paired with the right pads I have been able to save around 1 hour per car when correcting. And every one I have done has been a 1 step.