Product Information

  • Designed to restore and enhance black and other dark paint colors
  • Easily removes minor scratches, swirl marks and light holograms
  • Non-silicone, wax free formula ensures true deep gloss while allowing you to choose your sealant or wax coat
  • Works well with Dual Action Buffer, Rotary Buffer or Long Throw Buffer
  • For machine use only. Do not hand apply this product


Trying to maintain that perfect gloss and swirl-free finish is quite challenging for all of us. Greenway’s Flash Knockdown immediately adds extreme gloss with the benefit of ultra-fine swirl removal, oxidation removal and helps you quickly maintain the perfect swirl-free finish on black and other dark-colored vehicles.

Flash Knockdown does not contain any silicone and is wax free so it is perfectly safe for body shop use. Depending on the desired paint look you are trying to achieve, Flash Knockdown is wax free so it leaves you with the choice of applying your favorite carnauba wax or adding a sealant to add that extra protection needed for extreme environmental conditions.

Flash Knockdown works extremely well for those individuals looking to continually “touch up” their paint. We all know that poor washing and drying habits can quickly add swirl marks and scratches to the painted surface. Flash Knockdown helps eliminate that multiple buffing step process to bring your paint back to factory condition. Flash Knockdown goes on ultra-smooth, contains very fine micro-abrasives to help prevent any marring for the most sensitive paints, has mild paint cleaners and adds that deep rich gloss in one easy step.





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