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  • Removes contamination much faster than a traditional clay bar

  • Can be used on the glass, paint, plastic and metal

  • Removes embedded contaminants, industrial fallout, paint overspray and airborne chemical compounds

  • Hook and Loop backing provides quick attachment and detachment from any dual action backing plate

  • Can be used up to 50 times

  • If dropped can be rinsed with water and then reused

  • Designed to work with a lubricant or spray wax such as Greenway's Wipe Away

  •  Having a contaminate free surface is the most important stage before applying any compound, polish, wax, sealant, glaze or other clearcoat enhancing product to the vehicle.


Greenway's 6” decontamination clay pad makes removing a wide variety of embedded contaminants, industrial fallout, paint over spray and airborne chemical compounds easy. Apply Greenway's Wipe Away to the surface and attach the 6” decontamination pad to any dual action buffer. Make sure to set the buffer at a slow speed and lightly move the machine over the paint, glass, taillights, headlights and many other surfaces. As you begin to decontaminate the surface, check your work by simply wiping the area with a microfiber towel. If the surface feels smooth you can proceed to the next area. If you can still feel contaminants on the surface simply repeat the process.

Greenway's 6” decontamination clay pad can be used up to 50 times and is very easy to keep clean. Simply rinse the clay pad off with water when needed. While a clay bar is a very good method of contamination removal, a clay bar simply cannot be rinsed and reused once dropped. We suggest discarding the clay bar immediately if dropped to prevent scratching the clear coat.

Greenway's 6” decontamination clay pad can safely be used on a wide variety of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks and RVs. This unique pad has a hook and loop backing so it is easily attaches to any standard backing plate.

The most important part before applying any compound, polish, glaze, wax, sealant or any other paint product is surface preparation. If you do not properly prepare the surface to accept any of the above products, you will not achieve optimum results. Having a clean, contamination free surface to start with allows quicker and easier application and removal of any clearcoat enhancing products.

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