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  • Remove old tire dressing, road grime, and other debris from any tire.
  • Properly prepares the rubber for tire dressing or will obtain a clean, new look on any tire if dressing is not desired
  • Stiff, dense bristles with 8” white handle allows easy cleanup of dirt, mud and grime from tires, plastic and rubber floor mats
  • Highly resistant to general degreaser and wheel cleaners
  • Works excellent when combined with Greenway's Tire and Whitewall Cleaner and Degreaser or Greenway's Kleen It All.
  • Cleans heavy mud from wheel wells

Tires need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to apply any type of tire dressing or to remove any existing tire dressing, road grime and other debris. The proper stiff bristle brush is needed to do this in order to obtain that perfect shine with any of Greenway's Car Care tire dressings or to achieve that new look to your tire by properly cleaning the rubber.

These stiff, dense, maroon nylon bristles combined with a 8” white handle, allows you to easily clean heavy dirt, mud, grime, old tire dressing and new blue protective whitewall or lettering tire coatings off the tire when combined with Greenway's Tire and Whitewall Cleaner and Degreaser.

This brush works excellent on rubber or plastic protective floor mats and base model rubber floors. Highly resistant to general degreasers and wheel cleaners will extend the life of this brush.

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