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  • Large sprayer head handle allows ease of use.

  • Each pull produces 1.4 ml of product which will eliminate fatigue.

  • 40% more product dispensed when compared to a normal spray trigger.

  • Pickup tube will fit any standard 32 ounce spray bottle. Tube can be cut to fit many other smaller bottles.

  • Available in single, three pack or six pack.

  • Perfect general use sprayer that is ergonomically designed.

  • 9-1/4" pickup tube stem will work with virtually any spray bottle.


All of us have dropped our detailing spray bottles and triggers before. We then attempt to continue the detail process and realize our spray trigger is broken. You then find yourself moving spray triggers around from bottle to bottle in order to finish the detail process. Stock up on Greenway's Spray Triggers to be prepared when gravity gets the best of us.

Greenway's Spray Triggers fit our 16 ounce empty bottle along with our 32 ounce empty bottle. For our 16 ounce spray bottle application, simply cut the spray tube with a pair of scissors in order to shorten the length.



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