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  • When placed in warm water specially designed honey comb material becomes soft and can easily scrub away bugs, bird droppings and more
  • Perfect for lifted trucks, buses and other large vehicles
  • Easily clean windshields, mirrors, lower body panels and truck bed covers
  • Durable material will hold up for many uses


Greenway's Bug Removal Washing Block has a specially designed honey comb material that will carry an abundance of soap and water to safely scrub away stubborn bugs, bird droppings and other contaminants from your windshield, mirrors and the front portion of your vehicle.

Simply attach any standard threaded handle to the block and place the block in your wash bucket.  The bug removal sponge will soften up and now it is ready to use. This product is perfect for lifted trucks, RVs, buses and large SUVs.

No more standing on ladders or step stools in order to remove those stubborn bugs off your windshield. We suggest pre-treating the area with Greenway's Bugs B Gone and then using our Bug Removal Washing Block in order to remove any bug residue.

After your done using Greenway's Bug Removal Washing Block simply allow the block to air dry.

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