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Greenway's Bugs B Gone is a heavy-duty bug remover that will quickly remove bug splatters and insects from all of your vehicle's surfaces. Bugs B Gone will quickly remove away those nasty insect splatters and environmental fall-outs from the windshield, side rockers and front end of your vehicle. This product works great on those "Love Bugs" that can be found in Florida. Greenway's Bugs B Gone special thicker formula is designed to keep Bugs B Gone on the front end which allow the solution to dissolve and soften the bugs and insects.

Bugs B Gone is fast acting which allows you to remove bug splatters and insects without heavy scrubbing which would induce swirl marks into the paints finish. Bugs B Gone is so powerful yet so safe, scrubbing can usually be eliminated when using Bugs B Gone and a high pressure wash.  Bugs B Gone is also an excellent product to use on your motorcycle or boat.

Bugs B Gone is ultra-concentrated and can be diluted 8:1




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5 Stars
Eats bugs

This makes cleaning bugs off a car a breeze. Bugs that have been baked on the car from daily driving 50 miles one way everyday won't stand a chance. Does exactly what it says and paired with the bug sponge there is no bug that can hide.