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Greenway’s Car Shampoo is a very high foaming shampoo. Tough on dirt, but gentle on paint. 100% biodegradable. Dispense 1-2 ounces into a 5 gallon bucket. Use pressure washer spray to create an abundance amount of foam. An excellent shampoo to use with a foam canon.







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5 Stars
Suds and foam

This soap is a good thick soap with tons of suds. The soap is smooth on the paint so you are not scratching and the suds last awhile. I also highly recommend using his soap with a pressure washer and a foam cannon for the best wash and safest wash.

5 Stars

This car shampoo is the best shampoo I've ever used on my vehicle. This car shampooed definitely delivers what it says it does I was not disappointed at all I was impressed. My brother was so impressed he's using it on his fleet of cars he owns a limousine company not a big one he has 10 vehicles and he says it does a fantastic job on each one. I highly recommend this product to everyone who washes their vehicles. You will not be disappointed in the results you will receive. I bought the gallon. But I will be buying the 5 gallon bottle very soon.

4 Stars

great stuff!just washed a customers black Toyota Rav,a small amount goes a long way. I will continue to buy from greenways!

5 Stars
car shampoo

Excellent product. Stretches much farther than soaps bought in stores. Bubbles up good and lasts.