Product Information

  • Evenly apply tire shine quickly

  • Perfect for all tires: Low profile and off road tires

  • Reduces product waste

  • Washable and reusable
  • Can also be used to dress mirrors, plastic door handles, interior panels and more

  • 2 Per Pack


Obtaining a even tire dressing finish on any tire should not be a messy or time consuming job. By utilizing Greenway's Crescent Tire Dressing Applicator you will spread any of our premium tire dressings quickly and evenly without product waste. Whether your applying Greenway's Magic Blue Tire Dressing, Outlast Tire Dressing or Second 2 None Tire Dressing, spraying the tire dressing directly onto the tire can cause runs, drips and overspray onto the wheel finish. Silicone products are very difficult to remove and can easily transfer onto the paint making more of a mess. Spraying tire dressing onto the tire is not the best idea especially for the mobile auto detailer working in windy environment.

Greenway's Crescent Tire Dressing Applicator is perfect for low profile or large off road tires. The applicator can be washed out after use and allowed to air. These applicators will keep your hands clean, save on product waste and will eliminate any staining on a blacktop driveway.


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