Product Information

  • Quick and easy application and removal
  • Can be sprayed directly onto the surface, buffing pad or applicator for fast application
  • Ultra smooth consistency and easy spreadability
  • Finest carnauba-based wax
  • Helps improve gloss on light in color paints that are difficult to make "pop"
  • Long lasting protection


Greenway's Car Care Deep Yellow Wax formula is easy to apply in all weather conditions including direct sunlight. Deep Yellow Wax containers the finest grade Carnauba wax which will create amazing depth and clarity on any color vehicle.

Deep Yellow Wax can be applied by hand or using a dual action buffer. This product works exceptional on lighter in color vehicles where reflection and depth is hard to achieve.
Deep Yellow Wax is perfect for the mobile detailer working in the direct sunlight or where speed  is of concern. Our Deep Yellow Wax is long lasting and will help conceal small paint defects such as swirl marks.

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