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  • Firm molded hand grip to prevent dropping
  • Highest quality foam material built to last
  • Easily cleaned with Greenway's Kleen It All
  • Quickly air dries
  • Made in the USA!


Greenway's Easy Grip Wax Applicator works excellent when applying any of our premium waxes. The super soft foam will not swirl the most delicate clear coat surfaces.

Greenway's Easy Grip Wax Applicators are made of quality materials and are designed to hold up after many applications. The Easy Grip Wax Applicator can be easily cleaned with Greenway's Kleen It All.  After misting the applicator with Kleen It All, rinse the applicator out with water and allow to air dry.

Since this applicator uses the finest and softest foam available, be careful when waxing around sharp objects such as emblems. These sharp objects can tear this delicate foam surface.

Proudly made in the USA!


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