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  • Excellent cleaning properties but remains pH balanced
  • Guaranteed not to streak or stain the most delicate exterior surfaces.
  • Foaming solution helps suspend dirt particles in order to reduce the risk of creating swirl marks.
  • Eco wash rinses easy which helps prevent water spots, will save time and water.
  • No wax formula. Will not alter the current look of the wax or sealant applied on your vehicle.
  • Our no wax formula is perfect to use in order prep a vehicle prior to the reconditioning process.
  • Ultra pH balanced formula will not deteriorate the finest of clay products.


Greenway's Eco Wash is a very low foaming car shampoo that rinses super quick. Eco wash is the perfect car shampoo for the mobile auto detailer working in direct sunlight or when washing in not so ideal conditions. Eco wash rinses so quickly in order to prevent water spots.

This deep cleaning, low foam shampoo cuts through dirt quick while leaving a spot free finish. Eco wash makes washing and drying very easy and quick. 




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