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  • Empty gallon jug is the perfect way to dilute all your auto detailing chemicals
  • Perfect size for the mobile detailer with limited amount of room
  • No more wasting time trying to premix your favorite chemical during a detail
  • Helps eliminate an employee from using too strong of a solution and causing possible damage to the surface
  • Saves money and have the most consistent chemicals throughout each detail
  • Stock up on extra empty gallons to make different strength mixtures of the same chemical. This will help to cut down on chemical stock


The 1 Gallon (HDPE) F-Style Jug is economical, impact resistant, and can hold any of your favorite detailing chemicals. By using a empty gallon jug to predilute any of your detailing products, you will be saving time from future diluting, have a consistent mixture and of coarse save money! After premixing all your favorite Greenway's Car Care Products by using our HDPE F-Style Jug, you will never want to mix and fill empty spray bottles anymore.

Our 1 Gallon (HDPE) F-Style Jug comes natural in color and with a child resistant safety cap.

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