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  • Clear PET bullet round bottle with 28-410 neck finish
  • High clarity, excellent chemical resistance, high impact resistance
  • This container is clear, making it an easy to identify your product
  • 16 Ounce Capacity


Having the proper amount of spray bottles not only saves you time, but allows you to properly dilute each Greenway's Car Care Product. These bottles are a must when purchasing our products by the gallon size.

We understand how writing your favorite Greenway's Car Care Product on the bottle with marker does not hold up and is unsafe. We now offer all our high quality labels directly to you. Now you can easily label each product and maintain that professional look.

We offer our spray triggers, dispensing caps and labels separately which allows you to make your favorite Greenway's bottle configuration.


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5 Stars
32 oz spray bottles

Greenway's gave me three of these bottles to try instead of the more opaque ones. I like them a lot and would order more of them in the future. The 32 oz bottles are very translucent, so you can tell which product you have in it (versus the more opaque kinds of bottles out there). They are visually appealing with the vibrantly colored Greenway's products in them, and they seem to be made of thick, durable plastic. I decided to purchase 3 extra, large spray bottles to create different concentrations of the products I ordered.