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  • Finger mitt foam applicator allows dressing to be applied evenly without any product waste
  • Soft foam will not scratch the most delicate interior surfaces
  • Durable foam design can be easily rinsed out and allowed to air dry after use
  • Works excellent when applying Greenway's Dress It All, Protect It All and Renew Leather Conditioner
  • Works excellent when applying waxes or sealants
  • Allows a little bit of product to go a long way


Obtaining a even finish on your interior components should not be difficult. Many detailers have an issue with obtaining a even finish on the interior or exterior components for numerous reasons. Using a low quality dressing will cause the product to “flash off” the components and using a absorbent towel will pull the product back off the surface.

Greenway's black foam finger mitt dressing applicator allows any of our high quality dressings to be applied evenly and quickly without wasting any of the product being applied. Using a microfiber or terry towel is never the best choice to apply any dressing. These towels can easily absorb the dressing being applied and cause unevenness and product waste.

Greenway's black foam finger mitt dressing applicator features a soft, durable foam that works excellent when applying Greenway's Dress It All and Greenway's Renew Leather Conditioner to the interior surfaces.

Delicate enough to also apply any glaze, polish, wax or sealant. Easily apply any of these products around and under door handles, mirrors, grilles, bumpers and other surfaces. Can easily reach areas where buffing might present a challenge due to limited space.

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