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  • Proper pH balanced formula ensures that Full Spectrum  is safe to use on the most delicate wheels.
  • Greenway's Full Spectrum is an excellent paint contamination remover. Full Spectrum will help save time when you reach the clay bar process, but will also allow contamination to be removed safely from all plastic, glass, metal and painted surfaces.
  • Color changing formula allows you to easily determine when Full Spectrum can be agitated if necessary or simply rinsed off.
  • Using a fallout remover prior to the clay bar process can extend the life the clay product.
  • By first using Full Spectrum and then the clay treatment, this method will allow for faster correction of the paint and help extened the life of the wax or sealant applied.
  • Full Spectrum will greatly reduce the chance of additional holograming or defects during the clay treatment.
  • Thick formula allows additional working time on the wheel in order to even premature runoff.



The Basics:

Full Spectrum is our premium wheel cleaner and paint contamination remover that is acid free, non-caustic, pH balanced cleaner that is safe on a many different surfaces. Full Spectrum will loosen and remove grime, such as brake dust, grease, road dirt on wheels, rims, hub caps and lug nuts.



How To Use Full Spectrum on Wheels


Spray cleaner onto a cool wheel. Use a soft wheel brush to agitate the cleaner if necessary then rinse. This amazing product will do most of the work for you saving you time. This is the safest and most effective wheel cleaner to use on any wheel for any make or model vehicle. Color changing formula will tell you that the wheel cleaner is now ready to be agitated and rinsed off. Full Spectrum will turn from green to red as it contacts and dissolves brake dust and other particles. Once Full Spectrum turns completely red your wheel is ready to be rinsed off.

Greenway's Full Spectrum also works great on the paint in order to remove contaminates. Many car manufactures have delicate clearcoat surfaces that hologram and swirl very easily. Performing a clay bar process on a vehicle is necessary before proeeding with any type of correction and protection stage of the detail, using Greenway's Full Spectrum can be very useful in certain situations.



Using Full Spectrum on paint, glass, plastic and metal


If an amundance of contamination (raildust, overspray, construction material etc) is present on the clearcoat, a clay bar will remove the contaminates, but MIGHT leave some very light defects beind. While this is on a very select few make and model vehicles, many car enthusiast and detailers classify paints as “hard” and “soft”.

Hard paints typically are very difficult to perform paint correction on. This is where you find yourself spending time on trying to find the perfect buffing pad and product combination to completely remove the defects. By using a fallout remover such as Full Spectrum, you can greatly reduce your chances of inducing any additional defects onto the paint. If the vehicle does not have signifcant clearcoat contamination, a very mild clay bar method can be used without adding Greenway's Full Spectrum as a first step. Full Spectrum will also save you time as it can be sprayed directly onto the paint and washed off during the wash process. This method will remove a large majority of the contamination that sits on top of the clearcoat in a short amount of time. This added step can greatly help any detailer work through the difficult correction process of these certain “hard” and soft clearcoats much faster.

What type of wheel is Full Spectrum best to be used on. Full Spectrum is great to use on any wheel finish, but Full Spectrum is desgined to quickly break down metallic particles on the wheel that are caused by automobile brakes. Again, certain make and model vehicles will produce much more brake dust and iron particles. Full Spectrum also is the safest wheel cleaner to use for those delicate wheels or when the wheel finish is unknown. Using this pH balanced wheel cleaner that contains no acid, will ensure that the finish on the rim will not be ruined by using a product that is too caustic. While many products are perfectly safe, some owners make the mistake of using a wheel acid that Is corrossive and quickly damages the wheel beyond repair in seconds. Full Spectrum takes several minutes do actually work through all the contamination but remains safe throughout the process. This extended working time allows you to throughly scrub the wheel if needed. While many wheels can be pressure washed or hosed off, some wheels might take slight agitation with a soft bristle brush to remove all contamination. Remember, while Full Spectrum is strong it is very safe and not as potent when compared to a acid-based wheel cleaner.










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5 Stars
Full Spectrum Wheel Cleaner

I started by spraying down the entire car with the 8 oz Full Spectrum Wheel Cleaner, which is a fallout remover that can be used on both the car's body and wheels. It goes on yellow and turns a purple-red as it works. I purchased it with the intent to use it mostly for wheels. The trigger was a little hard to keep spraying in a rapid-fire manner as well; I think that was due to the 8 oz bottle and having to hold it at different angles to spray it where I wanted. I don't believe this fallout remover/wheel cleaner smelled as bad as others I've used.

5 Stars
Great Iron Remover

This Iron remover works great, not only on wheels but on contaminated paint. I don't mind the smell like most iron removers but a lot of clients of mine do not like it at all. It is very strong for sure but Iron removers generally stink so as long as they work well that's all I care about.. This one is 20% cheaper than most others so that's also a huge plus! Use with a pressure washer on wheels and you won't need to touch them.

5 Stars

This wheel cleaner is an amazing product. Both cars I own are white wheels and get extremely dirty very quickly. With this wheel cleaner I spray it on the wheel and let it dwell for 5 minutes and spray it off with my pressure washer. The wheel cleaner pulls everything off and I have zero scrubbing to do. This is important for all you detailers out their because this is precious time saved while detailing your customers cars. I would recommend this wheel cleaner to anyone who is looking for a strong but gentle wheel cleaner and is safe for all wheels!!!