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  • Remove light water spots, paint overspray, embedded fallout and more from the exterior glass
  • Ultra fine steel wool safely cleans the glass without scratching, while the other side features a soft foam grip.
  • Works well when combined with Greenway's Optical Glass Werks window cleaner
  • Will remove smoke film residue from the interior windows


Greenway's Glass Polish Pad is perfect to remove water spots, light paint overspray, embedded fallout, iron particles and more. One sided features a ultra fine steel wool and the opposite side features a soft foam for a comfortable grip.

Greenway's Glass Polish Pad combined with Greeenway's Optical Glass Werks, will allow the glass polish pad to slide easily on any glass surface and will allow for quicker removal of stubborn fallout.

Greenway's Glass Polish Pad also can be used on the interior windows to remove smoke film and other contamination. Greenway's Glass Polish Pad should not be used on tinted windows as it might harm the tint.


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