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  • Premium soft towel for interior and exterior detailing

  • Laser-cut edgeless design provides further protection against adding swirl marks

    16’’ x 16’’ total size are easy to handle

  • Lint free & scratch free

  • Made with 70/30 microfiber

  • 480 gsm provides extra fluffiness and softness

  • Will not scratch, swirl, or hologram the most delicate paints

  • Single towel, 3 pack or 6 pack


Microfiber towels are essential to use in order to obtain and maintain a flawless finish. Whether your detailing the inside of a vehicle or the outside, having a high quality microfiber towel makes all the difference.

Greenway's Gold Edgeless Laser-cut Microfiber Towel is constructed of premium 480 gsm microfiber material that is soft enough for the most delicate interior and exterior surfaces.

Greenway's Gold Edgeless Laser-cut Microfiber Towel works excellent to remove any polishes,waxes, glazes and sealants. Our towels also produce swirl-free results when using Greenway's Wipe Away quick detail spray or Greenway's Waterless Wash and Spray Wax.

Having quality microfiber towels are essential to avoid creating swirl marks or scratches. Do not let hours of polishing and waxing be ruined by using inferior towels that can introduce new swirls or scratches in today's delicate clear coats.



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