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  • A very effective odor eliminator and air freshener
  • Ready to use but only a few sprays are needed for effectiveness
  • Scent smells exactly like the label name. No more disappoints with the fragrance
  • High quality ingredient blend will ensure fewer applications
  • A few sprays last an extremely long time
  • Actually helps remove odors without masking them!

Greenway's Juicy Strawberry Scent has a refreshing sweet and tart fragrance. One spray of our Greenway's Strawberry Scent will bring back memories of grandmas fresh made strawberry pie.  Greenway's scents are super concentrated and fortified with odor removing proteins. Greenway's scents smell exactly like their product name and last for an extremely long time. One or two sprays is all that is needed to freshen the inside of your vehicle while removing offensive odors and just not masking them. Greenway's Car Care scents are the best on the market Guaranteed!

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