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  • Aggressive heavy duty nylon bristles will quickly loosen embedded dirt particles within carpeted floor mats, interior carpeting and trunk mats
  • Extended handle length of almost 15 inches provides additional scrubbing power and a long reach
  • Perfect for those select vehicles that come equipped with carpeting that allows particles to become embedded deep within the fibers.
  • Perfect to loosen up embedded debris after initial first stage vacuum
  • Not to be used on delicate carpets where the threads can be pulled by the stiff nylon bristles
  • This brush is a must have for the professional detailer


Greenway's carpet and mat scrub brush is constructed of extremely stiff, heavy duty nylon bristles that are perfect to loosen embedded dirt. This brush is extremely aggressive but will come in handy for the professional detailer. Certain type of vehicles come equipped with floor mats and interior carpeting that are extremely difficult to vacuum and particles easily become embedded deep within the carpet interiors and carpeted floor mats.

You can now bring those particles to the surface in order to vacuum them up and proceed to hand carpet cleaning or carpet extractor process. This brush is very aggressive and should not be used on plush or delicate carpets where the threads could be pulled by the bristles.

The extended length of the handle measures about 15 inches long, which provides an extra-long reach and additional scrubbing power for stubborn floor mats, rear trunk carpeting and interior carpets.

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