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Greenway's Magic Blue is a long lasting solvent-based silicone tire dressing designed to produce a very high gloss shine on any type of tire.  Magic Blue will quickly dry without producing a sticky finish, therefore attracting less dust. Magic Blue is ready to use and is fortified with the highest grade silicone content. Magic Blue tire shine will not sling and helps prevent tires from cracking or becoming discolored.

Since Magic Blue is a solvent-based silicone dressing, it can easily be applied by directly spraying it onto the tire or with a foam applicator. We recommend applying Magic Blue with our foam tire applicator in order to produce the most even shine without creating over spray. By applying Magic Blue with a foam applicator you will also have no product waste.

Magic Blue never should be applied to the engine components. Magic Blue is highly fortified with silicone and the silicone content may ruin some sensors. Greenway's Protect It All is great for engine detailing and wheel well detailing as it is non silicone, cost effective and will not attract dust.

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5 Stars
just the right amount of shine

Perfect amount of shine. Not too glossy. Not as greasy as competitors. Pleasant odor. A must have.

5 Stars
Great Product, Covers Good, Smells Good

Very good tire dressing. Good coverage, and smells nice.