Greenway's Mega Plush Microfiber Towel *

Product Information

  •  Exceptionally plush and has a total weight of 1100 GSM!
  • The highest quality towel we offer
  • Can be used on the most delicate interior and exterior surfaces
  • 16”x16” size is easy to handle
  • Edgeless design


When it comes to the finest towel you can use on your cars exterior or interior, Greenway's Mega Soft 1100 GSM towel should be your choice. This towel has a longer,deeper nap compared to any other towel we sell and is our highest GSM towel.

These towels are for removing compound, polish, wax or for performing a quick express detail with our Wipe Away Spray Detailer. These towels will not scratch the most delicate of surfaces. There great to use on your painted surfaces, but work amazing on chrome, aluminum, billet, interior trim and more.

Using our mega soft 1100 GSM towel, you will be able to achieve the perfect swirl free finish.

Each towel measures 16" x 16"


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