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  • Large 16” by 24” microfiber towel allows you to use less towels for the dirtiest interiors
  • Ultra-absorbent, super-soft microfiber material will not scratch the finest interior surfaces
  • Premium 70/30 Microfiber blend allows for a ultra-soft feel combined with a total of 91 gsm
  • Will not scratch carbon fiber, gauge clusters, dashboards or any other delicate interior surfaces
  • Bright yellow color highlights dirt and grime to avoid re-soiling clean surface
  • 240 towels


Greenway's Mighty Interior Microfiber Towels measure 16” by 24” and are made with a premium 70/30 microfiber blend that will allow for a scratch-free touch on any interior surface. With today's modern sensitive interior finishes, it is important to utilize soft microfiber towels to prevent scratching areas like carbon fiber trim, gauge clusters and plastic accent pieces. Greenway's Mighty Interior Towels will lift away grime and dirt without scratching the finest interior components.

Using aggressive cotton terry towels on many surfaces will leave behind micro swirls and scratches on some sensitive components. Greenway's Mighty Interior Microfiber Towels will absorb, clean and protect any interior surface without creating damage due to the ultra-soft and ultra- absorbent microfiber blend. The large microfiber towel gives you plenty of clean sides in order to use less towels when detailing the dirtiest of interiors.

The bright yellow color allows you to easily see when the towel is completely soiled which will prevent transferring dirt and grime back onto the interior surfaces. A super strong but super soft border edge will hold up to rigorous use. Greenway's Mighty Interior Microfiber Towel is lint-free, scratch-free, streak-free and machine washable.


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