Product Information

  • Super concentrated wheel cleaner
  • Safe for clear coated, factory, chrome, aluminum and hub caps
  • Easily removes brake dust, dirt, grime and grease
  • Dilution rate of 3:1.
  • Product still remains extremely effective at removing the toughest grime once diluted
  • Non-acid formula


Greenway's Mighty Wheel Brightener is the quickest way to remove heavy brake dust, grime, grease, oil and other contamination off your wheels.  Greenway's Mighty Wheel Brightener saves you time by not only cutting through the grime fast, but providing a shine on many different wheel finishes making this a very unique product.

Greenway's Mighty Wheel Brightener is caustic free and non corrosive so it can be safely applied to any type of wheel finish.  Greenway's Mighty Wheel Brightener is highly concentrated and can be diluted 3:1 with water.


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