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  • Premium 70/30 blended microfiber car wash mitt

  • Three separate washing tools all in one mitt

  • Use chenille noodle side and short-pile microfiber sides for painted surfaces, glass, plastics, metals and more

  • Use Bug Mesh to remove bug splatter from mirrors, grilles and front bumpers

  • Microfiber wash mitt holds tons of suds and water

  • Elastic cuff

  • Machine washable


Greenway's Multi Purpose Wash Mitt has multiple detailing tools combined in a microfiber wash mitt. You can easily remove heavy grime and debris using the soft and plush microfiber chenille noodle side and then flip the mitt over to the short-pile microfiber side, to remove grime from metal, glass, bumpers, plastic trim and around emblems.

The side of the mitt has a built in soft bug cleaning mesh which will allow effective removal of bug splatter. The blended 70/30 microfiber wash mitt is super soft, holds tons of suds and will not swirl or scratch the most delicate clear coats. The interior of the wash mitt features a waterproof barrier to keep your hand dry and allow for a comfortable wash experience.





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