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  • Aids in removal of tar, caked on tree sap, embedded items on interior carpets and decal removal
  • Plastic blade is extremely strong and rigid
  • Large surface makes scraper easy to hold
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces


Greenway's Multipurpose Plastic Scraper is a very versatile tool. The plastic scraper can help remove thick road tar, paint, tree sap and embedded candy or other substances from the interior upholstery and carpet. 

After the removal of exterior contamination, cleaning, polishing and waxing should be completed in order to revive and protect any of these affected surfaces.

Please note: While this is a very effective item on removing many caked on clearcoat residues, please use caution as machine polishing most likely will be required. Excessive scrapping can cause swirling of the clearcoat, but might be necessary to remove the contamination from the surface.

Pack of 12  3" by 2.5" overall size.

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