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  • 180 degree of bristles allows additional coverage for faster washing times
  • Nog Hair bristles hold plenty of soap, super soft and long lasting
  • 14” brush face allows washing of large trucks and RVs easy
  • Soft enough to use on delicate paint without creating swirl marks or holograms
  • 8” plastic block ensures contact will not be made with surface of the vehicle.
  • Threaded hole will accept any standard threaded handle


Anytime a car enthusiast hears the words body brush or wash brush, they immediately think of swirl marks, holograms and other clear coat problems arising. Greenway's Car Care introduces the Nog Hair Brush. The Nog Hair Brush is filled with high quality super soft bristles that perform like a Hog Hair Brush but without the price tag. This multi-level brush features almost 180 degrees of Nog Hair bristles that hold plenty of soap which helps with less bucket dips and aids in faster wash times.

The benefits and performance of the Nog Hair brush are very similar to that of a genuine Hog Hair Brush, but features bristles that are even soften, longer lasting and higher in quality. The Nog Hair Brush measures 14 inches across the face and the bristles are attached to a 8” block that includes a threaded hole to accept any standard threaded handle.

Greenway's Nog Hair Brush works excellent on RVs, trucks, buses, boats, SUVs and cars. Finally a wash brush that will not create any paint defects and is safe for any finish.

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