Product Information

  • Quickly removes smoke film and grime without streaking
  • Safe on tinted windows
  • Use on windows, mirrors, navigation screens, chrome and other metals
  • Contains no ammonia or soap
  • Pleasantly grape scented


Greenway’s Optical Glass Werkz is our liquid glass cleaner that removes dirt and grime from windows, mirrors, navigation screens and more.

Optical Glass Werkz is safe to use on all factory tint and is streak-free when combined with the proper glass cleaning towel. Always test a small inconspicuous area on aftermarket tint to ensure capability. Optical Glass Werkz is fast drying, removes smoke film and is excellent to use on chrome and many other metals for a quick shine.

Optical Glass Werkz does not contain any ammonia, has a pleasant grape scent and also can be used around your home. Be sure to use any of our glass cleaners with a dedicated window towel. Using towels that are dirty or have any remaining chemical residues, will cause your glass to streak.


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5 Stars
Optical Glass Werkz

I have had issues in the past with multiple automotive glass cleaners leaving streaks and residue behind (having to go back a second or third time with a dry cloth to get it all off, instead of just wiping it down with the window towel, flipping to the dry side and wiping away), so I was hoping this product would be different. The main area I had this problem with was on the inside of the front windshield. Optical Glass Werkz exceeded my expectations in this regard. The spray cleaned every surface to a clear, dry finish with some surfaces not even needing a second pass with the dry cloth. The dark purple spray has a refreshing grape scent that isn't too heavy or lingering. Definitely the best dedicated auto glass cleaner I've used.

5 Stars
Great Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner is up there with the best! No streaking, No film left behind. It's awesome!