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  • Ultra durable and washable applicator pads can dress dozens of tire before replacement is needed
  • Multi-bristle construction allows for application of all water-based and solvent-based dressings without deteriorating the pad
  • Works well on low profile tires and truck tires
  • Eliminates any waste of tire dressing and overspray issues onto the rim or paint


Having a clean applicator is important when dressing any vehicle tire. Most tires do not “dress up” because of improper cleaning methods and wrong applicator choice. Greenway's Pro Tire Dressing Applicator Replacement Pad is made to work with our pro tire dressing applicator. Once your applicator can no longer be cleaned it is essential to replace it. This applicator pad features a sturdy hook and loop material and will hold with continuous use. The pad has a multi-bristle construction with short white bristles which allow for the application of all water-based and oil-based dressings without deteriorating the pad.



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