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  • Professional swivel applicator moves around the tire as it is being dressed
  • Applicator body is made of durable plastic which will hold up for many years
  • Applicator allows you to push the dressing into the grooves of tires and also aids in minimizing dressing sling
  • Foam applicator is easily replaceable and quickly attaches to the applicators hook and loop dressing side


Greenway's professional tire dressing applicator. One of the final touches to any detailed car is a evenly and properly dressed tire. Greenway's swivel tire dressing applicator is a quick and easy way to achieve a perfectly dressed tire without ending up with product on your hands. Simply spray the foam tire dressing applicator with any of your favorite Greenway's tire dressings and apply to the tire. As you move the applicator around the tire, the applicator will spin allowing you to completely dress the tire in a  matter of seconds. Since the applicator is made of super strong and dense hard plastic, it will allow you to really push the dressing into small groves or other designs that might be on your tire sidewalls. The applicator pads are super strong and replaceable as needed.

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