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  • Non-silicone dressing is body shop safe
  • Will not harm engine oxygen senors or create paint problems within body shops
  • Leaves a clean matte new look without any slickness
  • Can be used on engines, tires, plastic bumper covers, plastic mirrors and trim
  • Economical for dressing large wheel wells


Greenway's Protect It All dressing is a non-silicone dressing. This silicone-free dressing is 100% body shop safe and VOC Compliant. It works excellent on exterior trim, vinyl, moldings, bumpers, engines, & tires. Since it does not contain silicone, it is safe to use on any engine and will not cause issues with the electrical components.

Greenway's Protect It All will not create any slickness when applied to areas such as running boards and other areas where traction is of a concern. You can spray this dressing inside a body shop without causing any fish- eyes during the painting process. This product leaves a clean matte look.

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5 Stars
Protect It All

Protect It All dressing is a non-silicone dressing, which is why I decided to purchase it. I personally prefer a dry matte finish on plastic trim and tires versus a high gloss or slick surface, so this was a good choice for me. It has a very nice red cherry scent, and mists on very well with a bit of a red tint that goes away as it dries. I used it on the plastic and hoses in the engine bay, the tires, and the black plastic grille insert on a Camaro. After the product dried on the surfaces I sprayed, it looked clean and left a good finish that wasn't too wet-looking. It also easily cleaned off of surfaces I accidentally over sprayed onto. I will most likely keep using this dressing in the future if the finish lasts for a while. I am not usually one to apply dressing after cleaning tires or the engine bay, but using this product was quick and left a finish that I definitely liked.