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Reflections Polish is our finest polish we have to offer. Will leave a mirror-like, swirl free finish on any vehicle surface. Will remove severe swirl marks, oxidation, scratches and other vehicle defects. Reflections Polish is much stronger than our Swirls B Gone and works like a polishing compound.

This product will not create excessive dust, cake or "gum up" on the vehicles surface. This product should be applied with a rotary buffer or dual action buffer and can easily remove 2000 or 3000 grit sand marks depending on the buffing pad used. A truly remarkable polishing compound that will help restore the neglected paint surface while leaving an unbelievable reflection.

Reflections contains unique polishing agents that Reflections does not have to be used with a heavy cut buffing pad. This product is perfect for many sensitive paints where hazing might be an issue when using a heavy cut buffing pad. Reflections is so versatile, that a waxing pad combined with Reflections will still be able to produce a dazzling finish.







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5 Stars

Exactly what the product says that's the outcome. I more impressed! Highly recommend