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  • Extractor machine safe
  • Can be used with or without an extractor machine for excellent results
  • Super concentrated formula is extremely cost effective. 2 to 4 ounces per gallon of water is all that is needed within an extractor machine. Hand use can be diluted at 10:1 with water
  • Removes tough stains, dirt, grime, grease, pet stains and eliminate odors at the same time
  • Low foaming solution allows you to see the progression of the stain and spot removal
  • Removes odors permanently and is not a cover up
  • Will easily remove odors caused by mildew, smoke, urine, dampness, food decay and more

Greenway's Refresh Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is ultra low foaming and can be used with an extractor machine or by simply spraying the solution directly onto the affected areas. Refresh will quickly remove offensive odors and a variety of stains.

Refresh will eliminate stains from food, urine, pet stains, soil,grass stains and much more. While Refresh is eliminating the stains within your interior, it is also eliminating odors at the same time. Refresh is capable of removing odors that are caused by mildew, smoke, urine, dampness, food decay. Refresh does not cover up the odors, but actually removes them permanently without leaving an offensive perfume odor.

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