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  • Quickly and easily restore faded plastics of any texture and color
  • Clear formula guarantees not to stain or damage any painted surface upon accidental contact
  • No masking is needed with this product. Greenway’s Wipe Away or Waterless Wash and Spray Wax can easily remove any remaining residue off of surface
  • Will hold up after many washes
  • Applicators are included for ease of application


Greenway's Renewal Trim and Bumper Dressing is a water resistant dressing that will help revive faded trim, vinyl and plastic. Now you can quickly and easily restore the look of faded plastic items such as: Mirrors, wheel flairs, door handles, molding, glass trim, bumpers, bug shields and more.

Greenway's Renewal Trim and Bumper Dressing comes with the foam filled applicators which will help prevent any product from being wasted. Simply pour a small amount of product onto the applicator and then apply to the faded item. Since our formula is clear and will not stain or damage any painted surface, no masking is needed. Any residue remaining on a area that does not need treatment, can be removed using our Wipe Away Spray Detailer and a microfiber towel. 

Greenway's Renewal Trim and Bumper Dressing will continue to last after many washes.

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