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  • Chemical resistant bristles allow this brush to hold up to heavy-duty wheel cleaners and acids
  • Bristles will not shed due to chemical resistant block and bristles
  • Rubber handle allows for non-slip grip when completely car washing and wheel cleaning tasks
  • Curved handle design allows individual to safely provide room between the surface being cleaned and knuckle area.
  • Rubber bumper ensures that accidental wheel face contact with brush body will do no damage
  • Opposite end of brush open end hole allows brush to be hung for air drying and storage


Having a soft yet rigid bristle wheel brush is essential when trying to clean any wheel. Our chemical resistant wheel brush bristles will not scratch the finest of finishes and the chemical resistant bristles will not shed from the brush when using heavy-duty wheel cleaners and acids.

The rubber handle end allows for a non-slip grip when your hands become wet when completely this task during the car washing stage. The curved handle design allows you to keep your knuckles and hand away from the wheel to avoid accidental contact with the surface.

Greenway's Wheel Brush also features a rubber bumper surrounding the plastic body to help ensure no nicks can be placed in the wheel finish if contact occurs. The opposite open end hole allows for the brush to be hung for air drying and storage purposes.


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