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  • Remove difficult scuff marks without ruining the interior components
  • Exceptional on kick panels, door panels and door sills
  • Excellent results when used with Greenway's Kleen It All
  • Unlike steel wool these scuff pads will not rust once wet
  • Each scuff pad is long lasting
  • Each scuff pad measures 4.5”x6” and comes 10 per pack.


Many light colored interiors look great in a variety of cars, but scuff marks are much more pronounced within these vehicles. The Greenway's Scuff Mark Eraser is perfect to safely remove scuff marks commonly found on door panels, kick panels and door sills. While Greenway's Kleen It All is excellent to remove most of these fine marks, some shoes marks and other scuff marks are more severe and need more finessing.

Greenway's Scuff Mark Erasers are only slightly abrasive in order to safely eliminate hard to remove scuffs. Our scuff mark erasers work great when combined with Greenway's Kleen It All to remove these difficult scuffs. Greenway's Scuff Mark Erasers can be used on the surfaces numerous times before replacement is needed.


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