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  • A very unique formula. A non-silicone formula tire dressing that provides an outstanding gloss on any tire. Second 2 None is our highest gloss, longest lasting, best leveling tire shine.
  • Second 2 None has excellent durability while driving through rain, dust and winter weather conditions.
  • Body shop safe dressing. Now you can dress any tire without damaging newly painted vehicles.
  • Second 2 None has a thicker consistency compared to your typical solvent based silicone dressing but still remains sprayable. Thicker formula reduces overspray if end user wants to spray on the tire dressing instead of using a foam applicator. Foam application will still provide excellent results and reduce waste. Foam application is the recommended application by Greenway's Car Care Products. 
  • Greenway's Second 2 None is specifically designed for tires. Second 2 None obtains an extreme shine while using very little product. Second 2 None tire dressing is perfect for grooved and other designed sidewalls that are difficult to dress.



Second 2 None Tire Dressing is the newest and very best tire shine we have to offer. What is so unique about Second 2 None? Typically non silicone tire shines have little to no gloss and are used by body shops. Second 2 None has the highest shine of any tire dressing we sell with the secret formula of not containing any silicone!

What does this mean? You can now have the highest gloss tire shine without creating problems with the painting process. This tire shine has excellent gloss, excellent durability, VOC Complaint, awesome grape scent, and excellent leveling. You will not be disappointed in the gloss and durability of this tire shine. We feel there is no other product on the market that can compete with this tire dressing!

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5 Stars
Great Tire Dressing.

What can I say this Second 2 None Tire Dressing is very good for not having silicone in it. And it's good for the rubber with no silicone. Goes on like regular tire dressing, but without the heavy silicone, & Second 2 None Tire Dressing does not have a strong smell, I think it has no smell @ all. It looks great on the tire & it lasts for a pretty long time. After I put it on my tires it rained, pretty heavy. I drove in that rain to see what it would do, and to my surprise the next day it was still there like it never rained. And it's still there going strong, 2 1/2 weeks later, & it's still on my tires like I just put it on. This Second 2 none tire dressing, is really good stuff, I highly recommend this to everyone who would dress there tires without silicone. It does last a long time. Don't get me wrong, Second 2 None Tire Dressing does have a shine to it, but very little. I like it that way. I'm very glad I purchased Second 2 None Tire Dressing. I got tired of the strong smell from the silicone & the greasy feel. Well my hat is off to you Greenway's I love your products, you knock it out of the ballpark again. Your products are definitely the best out there on the market that's my opinion. I most definitely, highly recommend this product and all of Greenway's car care products, to everyone out there to use they are the best I really do mean that, they are the best that's my opinion. I GIVE ALL OF GREENWAY'S CAR CARE PRODUCTS, DOUBLE THE STARS TO 10