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  • Will not scratch, swirl or scratch the most delicate wheels
  • Brush measures approximately 8 inches long, which can easily clean deep dish wheels. Overall length is approximately 13 inches.
  • Material helps carry an abundance of wash solution and will hold up to continuous use
  • Contains a hook at the end for easy storing and air drying of brush


Greenway's super soft wheel cleaning brush will not scratch the most delicate wheels. Removing brake dust in between the wheel design and deeper into the wheel is very important to prevent brake dust from permanently being "baked" into your wheels finish.

Greenway's super soft wheel cleaning brush will carry an abundance of solution from your wheel bucket and onto the wheel. This brush works great when combined with any of our wheel cleaning chemicals.  Since the brush is made out of heavy duty and long wearing soft acrylic fibers, it will hold up with continuous use and can be used on any type of wheel finish.

Our wheel cleaning brush is approximately 8 inches long, with an overall length of approximately 13 inches. The poly material handle has a hook at the end for easy storing.

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