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  • Quickly remove stubborn road tar. Excellent at removing road paint when combined with a plastic razor scraper
  • Save time and energy by eliminating the need to scrub hard to remove the tar or road paint
  • Slow flashing allows product to have extended working time
  • Excellent to use on the lower body panels prior to the detailing process


Greenway's Tar B Gone is the easiest, safest and most effective way to remove tar, silicone, polish, sealers and other road grime from the exterior of your vehicle. Tar B Gone has a special blend of solvents that quickly cleans, removes and prepares your vehicle for polishing and waxing.

Simply apply Tar B Gone onto a soft microfiber towel and rub onto the painted surface, it's that easy. Ease your mind knowing that tar removal can be safely done without doing any harm to your clear coat. We recommend polishing and waxing your vehicle in the areas where Tar B Gone was used.


Tar B Gone CANNOT be shipped USPS. Please choose UPS GROUND.

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