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  • These are the only two attachments that are necessary to vacuum any vehicle
  • Both attachments are made out of rigid vinyl that is built to last
  • Cuff attachment that has an internal threaded body will stay securely attached to vacuum hose


Having the proper vacuum tool attachments help you complete the detail process without leaving anything behind.  Our 16" long vinyl vacuum crevice tool makes it easy to get all the way down in between seats, underneath seats, deep into door pockets and other hard to reach areas.

Our "bear claw" attachment will cover the bigger vacuuming areas quicker than our crevice tool. Both our "bear claw" attachment and our crevice tool attachment, feature a 1 1/2" fitting and are made of hard vinyl.

Please choose the kit with the appropriate swivel cuff.  One reducing cuff is used when you have a 2" hose but want to use a 1 1/2" attachment.The second cuff is used when you have a 1.5" vacuum hose.  Both the "bear claw" and the crevice tool come equipped with 1.5" ends. The reducing cuffs utilize a reverse interior threading system which will ensure that your vacuum hose will attach securely to either cuff.

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