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  • Gently cleans leather without causing damage
  • Will not stain or fade the finest of leather
  • Quickly suspends dirt and oil in order to allow for quick removal
  • Works on vinyl and leather surfaces

Greenway's Leather and Vinyl Renewal is a safe and effective cleaner to gently remove any soiling without the use of a harsh detergent. Using Greenway's Leather and Vinyl Renewal you will protect these delicate surfaces from any color loss while effectively cleaning vinyl or leather surface regardless of how soiled they may be. Greenway's Leather and Vinyl Renewal can be used on your steering wheel, dashboard, console, arm rests, leather and vinyl seats, and your door panels.

Always follow up with Greenway's Renew Leather Conditioner. By conditioning these surfaces after the initial cleaning, you will ensure that all your interior components will be protected from cracking and premature wear.

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5 Stars
Like whoa

This product is hands down THE best for vinyl and leather. No worries with dilution ratios. Spray, brush and wipe off its that simple.