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  • Unable to wash your car because of time or limited access to water? Greenway's Waterless Wash and Spray Wax can safely remove light surface dust, finger prints, insects, bird dropping and mild brake dust without harming your clear coat.
  • Perfect for that in between wash. Why take our your pressure washer, unwind the hose, and gather all your other tools if your vehicle is mildly dirty? Save water, time, prolong your existing wax and use in direct sunlight if desired without the fear of streaking or harming your clear coat.
  • With Greenway's Waterless Wash and Wax you are able to wash and wax your vehicle in one simple step!
  • Designed to produce a swirl-free and scratch-free finish on paint, glass, plastic, metal, aluminum and more.
  • Perfect to use on motorcycles, boats, airplanes, recreational vehicles and all automobiles.


Greenway's Waterless Wash and Spray Wax contains advanced lubricants, which make our Waterless Wash and Spray Wax a safe and effective way to remove light surface dust and dirt without scratching your clear coat. It's the perfect choice when your unable to use water.

Light surface dust, finger prints, or other minor surface contamination can be easily and safely be removed. It also prolongs your wax or sealant and can also be used in direct sunlight. Advanced lubricants capture the dirt making it easy to clean the paint without scratching and without water.

This is different than our Wipe Away Spray Detailer. Greenway's Waterless Wash and Spray Wax contains more lubrication to help safely clean a vehicles surface without scratching and without using water.

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