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Greenway's Car Care presents the wash wedge. This uniquely designed foam wash wedge features dozens of super soft foam cut pieces that are embedded into a durable foam handle. The wash wedge design and shape will allow the wedge to hold an abundance amount of  your favorite Greenway's shampoos. The slotted cuts between the foam pieces are deep enough to capture any small dirt particles and help pull them away from your clear coat to prevent swirl marks and scratches.

Greenway's Wash Wedge easily fits around and into the tightest areas on your vehicle. Now it is easier and quicker to clean around door handles, grilles, bumpers, fog lights, wiper cowls, mirrors, door handles and other hard to reach areas.

Greenway's Wash Wedge is built with quality materials that will hold up with continuous washing. The comfortable grip will fit any hand size and allow you to save time and energy when washing your vehicle. You will be hooked on using the Greenway's Wash Wedge after the first use!

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