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  • Adds exceptional gloss, depth and protection in one easy step
  • Removes light to moderate swirl marks, scratches and oxidation
  • Works well on clear coat and single stage paint
  • High-grade polymer sealants ensures long lasting protection
  • Works with any dual action buffer, high speed buffer and long throw buffer
  • Use on light or dark colored vehicles
  • Long working time, low dusting, streak and smear free formula


Knockout Combination is the ultimate all in one paint correction cream. Knockout Combination quickly removes light scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other imperfections in one easy step. Quickly restore the shine and depth while adding a layer of protection that will last months due to the high-grade polymer sealants.

Knockout Combination works well with any dual action buffer, rotary buffer and long throw buffer. Knockout Combination has a unique formula that finishes down extremely well leaving the surface smooth, swirl and haze free. This Is the perfect product for the enthusiast who is looking to save time or the professional detailer wanting to offer an economical paint correction service to their customer.

Any defects that Knockout Combination does not remove will be drastically reduced in their appearance, leaving the paint looking noticeably improved which will provide customer pleasing results.

Knockout Combination is capable of removing 2500 grit sanding marks, achieving optical paintwork clarity, effective on single stage and clear coat paints, while providing long buffing times and easy wipe off.

Smearing, streaking, caking and heavy dusting is not part of the Knockout Combination Formula. Works extremely well with both foam polishing pads and wool cutting pads.

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5 Stars
Easy to use and adds depth!

Using this one step helps eliminate small imperfections and helps fill major imperfections. The depth of the paint will be much better and your car will have that just waxed look. The best part about this product is it wipes off effortlessly. No fuss at all or hard wiping at all! I would highly recommend this product to the enthusiast or professional!!