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  • Mildly aggressive compound that quickly removes up to 1500 grit sanding marks
  • Contains synthetic micro-abrasives that break down during the buffing process, leaving a scratch and swirl free finish
  • Removes light to medium scratches, swirl marks, oxidation and other paint defects
  • Contains no fillers
  • Prepares the surface for final polishing
  • Can be used with a dual action buffer, rotary polisher and long throw buffer
  • Effective on all paint finishes
  • Silicone free and body shop safe


Lightweight 1500 easily cuts through mild to moderate paint defects, removes swirls, scratches, oxidation and 1500 grit sanding marks. Lightweight 1500 is perfect for those neglected vehicle surfaces that need to be brought "back to life". Some vehicles might require a little more than polishing to rejuvenate the painted surfaces. Lightweight 1500 is a great choice  when conducting a three or more stage paint correction and protection detail. Scratches can be caused by improper washing techniques, tunnel washes, poor drying habits, environmental factors and more. It is always easier to start with a mild paint correcting compound to save time during the final polishing stage. Lightweight 1500 is the perfect in-between product to fill the void if a heavy cut compound is not needed and a paint correcting polish is just not strong enough.

Unlike many light cut compounds, Lightweight 1500 contains synthetic micro-abrasives that help remove the surface defects without leaving behind the typical abrasive compounding surface defects. Lightweight 1500 leaves behind a scratch and swirl free finish which allows you to speed through the polishing stage.  Lightweight 1500 is silicone free and body shop safe. There will not be any issues with "fish-eyes" and other paint defects that can be created with products that contain silicone.

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