Product Information

  • Extreme concentrate foaming solution
  • Work excellent with any foam canon, two bucket wash method or touchless wash
  • Can be used as a maintenance wash
  • Will not strip any wax or sealant
  • Removes dirt and grime easily
  • Can be diluted up to 450:1
  • Unique purple foam with grape fragrance


Lila Cloud is our highest foaming car wash shampoo available.  Lila Cloud has a neutral pH, will instantly clean away dirt and debris without stripping any sealant or wax, amazing purple foam appearance, unique surfactants to help keep the surface lubricated and will cling to the surface longer without running off the vehicle like most car shampoos.

Lila Cloud can be used with a foam canon, two bucket wash method or the touchless wash method. Lila Cloud is safe on any exterior automobile surface, in the shade or direct sunlight. The unique formula with quickly clean the surface of any road film while maintaining any protective layer that was applied to your vehicle.

Lila Cloud can be used sparingly to provide the highest amount of suds possible with or without a foam canon. When combined in a foam canon, Lila Cloud can help decrease the chances of scratching or marring your vehicle during the wash process.

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5 Stars

This is the best ph neutral shampoo in the world. I like it, its smell and color.