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  • Bring the life back to all metals
  • Works excellent on chrome, stainless steel, billet, brass, copper and more
  • Use by hand or machine
  • Cleans as it polishes
  • Removes rust and discoloration


Greenway’s Metal Boost is the perfect way to "bring back the life" to all metals. Metal Boost immediately restores all metals to an amazing shine. Metal Boost cleans and polishes all metals and chrome in one easy step. You will be amazed how quickly Metal Boost removes rust, discoloration and restores metals to a near new appearance. Metal Boost works quickly by hand or can be applied using a variety of buffing machines.

Metal Boost quickly restores tarnished metal surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, billet, brass and copper and many other metals. Quickly remove stains, oxidation, tar, water spots and rust.

Many metals show signs of deterioration from exposure to sunlight, rain, snow and other environmental conditions. When these metals are left untreated for an extended period of time, they will eventually need to be replaced. By using Greenway’s Metal Boost, you can quickly extend the appearance and life of many metal surfaces. Metal Boost works great on bumpers, emblems, trim pieces, exhaust, diamond plate, center caps, and even household items.



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